Organizational Meeting Fee, for Lectures (Limit 25) and Innate Factory Tour (Limit 10)

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Lectures 10-27-17 through 10-28-17

(This meeting is specifically excluded to any FDA agents or their representatives, anyone connected with FDA or any Medical Board or  its representative or agents, you will be dismissed and you are required by law to notify us of your presence)

Hilton Garden Inn, Manchester, NH

10-27 schedule:

8:00 "Mislead and Misfed: Anemia of Iron Deficiency is a MYTH!" by Dr.         


9:00 "The Great American Hoax, To "C" or Not "C," the History, Functions,

             and Disease Implications, It's All About Copper" by Robert

                  Thompson, M.D.

11:00 "The Most Missed Diagnosed, Miss Managed, Most Supremely Miss                       Treated Medical Diagnosis of All Time" by Robert Thompson,


1:00 Innate Response Facility Tour #1 (limited to the first 10, no extra charge)

3:00 Innate Response Facility Tour #2 (limited to the second 10, no extra                       charge)

Romantic New England Fall Colors Dinner on Your Own

10-28 schedule

8:30 "Energy vs. Exhaust, What is Healthy Aging and What does it look like?" by Robert  Thompson, M.D.

10:00 "Minerals, Minerals, Minerals, When Will We Learn"" by Robert                               Thompson, M.D. 

11:30 First Organizational Meeting of The Vitamin C Society, Election of Officers,             possibly Board members, ... 

12:00 Adjourn, Afternoon in New England Colors