C Complex 180 Tab

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100% Whole food vitamin c molecule. Larger size.180 caplets/container (three months supply at 2 per day, one month at 2 three times per day).

Vitamin C-400 provides 400 mg of biologically active 100% whole food vitamin C molecule in each tablet. Vitamin C in whole food does not exist as ascorbic acid alone, but co-exists within a synergistic network of enzymes, bioflavonoids and other co-factors, that as a whole molecule. Innate C is the whole biologically-active vitamin C molecule. Whole food vitamin C also delivers a myriad of other beneficial bioflavonoid food compounds known to have nutritive activity in the body. Another benefit to whole food vitamin C is that it's naturally buffered, with less than 1/10 the acidity compared to common ascorbic acid (not vitamin C, more like an antibiotic acting by increasing peroxide activity in the cells), and is therefore gentle on the stomach. This molecule is directly responsible for over 104 different biochemical reactions in the human body involving copper metabolism, including connective tissue strength, thyroid hormone production, cholesterol metabolism, all 60+ cytochrome enzyme's activity, all mitochondrial energy production activity and function, and hemoglobin synthesis, to name a few. This may be the most important vitamin that exists in the human body, without it we die. This vitamin is all about copper utilization, critical to the human life. Humans are incapable of manufacturing this vitamin. (see chapter 7, The Calcium Lie, "The Vitamin Lie") Ascorbic acid is not vitamin C, it depletes the C vitamin molecule for molecule from the body! Never knowingly take ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate, or any other imposter for the real C molecule. Remember, it is all about copper! Most companies lie about this and they can. Google does not recognize ascorbic acid is not vitamin C. Almost all C research is on ascorbic acid, not the real vitamin C. Even nutritionists and doctors remain in the dark regarding these facts. Please do not be mislead. Only take the real whole molecule of the C vitamin. This is thus far the only company that has proven it to Dr. Thompson by COA (certificate of analysis, x-ray defraction, micromass spectrophotometry, electron micrograph, or molecular weight not being 172). Please beware, the same company's C powder is ascorbic acid and not recommended by Dr. Thompson.

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