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Aurora Health and Nutrition is your source for the high quality, 100% whole food vitamins, minerals, and supplements, hand picked by Dr. Robert G. Thompson, M.D., co-author of "The Calcium Lie"

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I absolutely love this website it's user friendly and I receive prompt service not to mention since finding this site and purchasing their products I feel so much better. I in fact never knew how bad I actually felt until after a few weeks on the products. I noticed more energy, and clarity in my thinking. One of the products I bought was the UltraCur and I noticed after a few days my morning joint pain was completely gone. As far as the Chromate I started taking it every time I had food or an alcoholic drink and before I went bed. I was borderline Diabetic and no longer am, according to my last Doctor appointment, not to mention I'm LOSING weight!!! (An added bonus) I Highly recommend these products and will be sharing my experiences with my friends and family!!!! Thank You Aurora Health & Nutrition for helping me improve my health the natural way!!!!

Sue Mann


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